Pay the Bill (Gringo on the Streets, Episode #3) [NEW VIDEO]

March 29th, 2017


Another episode of Gringo on the Street is live!

In last week’s episode, you saw how to order coffee in Spain–and that’s pretty much how you order EVERYTHING.


Well this week, we’re going to PAY for all those coffees!

And I’m not just talking about “la cuenta”–one of the first things we Gringos learn =)

Because when we’re sitting or standing at a bar after a quick coffee (one of my favorite parts of Spain!) “la cuenta” is not the best thing to say.

When you’re in an informal situation, with no bill (it’s usually verbal) you can go a few different routes.

And you’ll see most of them in this video:

Gringo on the Streets (all episodes)

Hope you’re loving these new videos.

Please leave a comment with any ideas you have for future videos.

Hasta luego,