[REBROADCAST] Subject Pronouns in Spanish (Personal Pronouns)

October 6th, 2015

The biggest mistake I’ve made since starting Gringo EspaƱol is… swearing in my early videos.

I always bleeped it out, but anybody with half a brain knew what I said.

The truth is, I never imagined in a million years that real teachers would be showing my videos in their classes.

Once I learned this (about a year ago) I ceased all swearing immediately.

But now I’ve gone through every video, and for the ones with any swearing, I made CLEAN VERSIONS.

All the videos (and audios) on the new Spanish Quickie Podcast contain only the clean versions.

So the podcasts have absolutely zero swearing. Not even censored.


Now I’m going back and uploading one clean version at a time to YouTube and the website.

Today’s video is one of the first videos I ever made. Back when I was still ironing letters on my shirt =)

Even though I mistakenly call them “personal pronouns” several times, this video is all about subject pronouns specifically.

Pronouns are actually pretty confusing in Spanish.

Verb conjugation usually gets most of the attention.

But I remember when I started, pronouns caused me way more stress.

So before you get into the harder pronouns (direct/indirect/double/reflexive) it’s important you get off on the right foot.

And that starts with…. subject pronouns.

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