The Song Strategy

February 15th, 2015
The Flashcard Strategy is used to memorize new vocabulary words. The Conjugation Strategy is for learning all the different conjugations of verbs. In this video, I present The Song Strategy. One of the best ways to practice Spanish COMPREHENSION.

Some of my favorite songs for The Song Strategy:

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Jarabe de Palo (Spain)

Grita:  Video    Lyrics

Hay Dos Días En La Vida:  Video    Lyrics

Agua:  Video    Lyrics

Maná (Mexico)

En El Muelle De San Blás:  Video    Lyrics

Ana:  Video    Lyrics

Oye Mi Amor:  Video    Lyrics

Shakira (Colombia)

Octavo Día:  Video    Lyrics

Estoy Aquí:  Video    Lyrics

Oye Mi Amor:  Video    Lyrics

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