Order Coffee in Spain (Gringo on the Streets, Episode #2) [NEW VIDEO]

March 22nd, 2017


The long awaited new episode of Gringo on the Street is LIVE.

This time we’re ordering coffee.

If you watch this video, no doubt you’ll be able to order coffee in Spain without a problem.

But you won’t JUST see me ordering coffee in this video.

You’ll see something else.

You’ll see that every time I order a coffee, the person quickly responds by making my coffee.

Even with my “horrible” pronunciation and “so American” accent–as I’ve been told in YouTube comments =)

But none of that matters.

Language is a tool for communication–to carry a message from one brain to another.

Once that’s achieved, it’s all ego after that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about speaking the best you can–I want to speak the best I can!

But even when my sentences are riddled with mistakes or poor pronunciation of a word–I’m understood.

I’m more than understood.

I have wonderful conversations.

I tell jokes.

Just sometimes with lots of mistakes =)

I’m still learning too!

It’s a lifelong thing for me, I think.

So watch this new video!

See me order a *million* coffees.

See me make mistakes and speak like a gringo.

But still get all my coffees!

Then you go do it!

Next opportunity, get out there and order something in Spanish!

But don’t compare yourself to perfect!

Don’t beat yourself up for making mistakes or sounding “stupid”.

Pat yourself on the back for doing the scariest thing, getting out there and speaking Spanish in real life.

Even just the small phrases and sentences in this video–if you say them in real life, you’ll feel absolutely amazing!

Hope you like the new video. I’ve got another one coming next week.

Hasta luego,